RV! Replica Afrika Korps Badge

Deutsches Afrikakorps tropical helmet badge. 

A little story... Sometimes towards the end of August 1944 after the Allied Landings in Provence (southern France), the German Army was retreating up the Rhône valley, using minor roads to avoid air attacks by the USAF and the RAF, and it is off one of these roads that my Dad (who had to leave Avignon (*) for the country after the family house, not far from the railway station was destroyed by one of the numerous Allied bombing raids) and his friend found the whole kit of a German Artillery Officer. Among his belongings was this helmet badge. I have the Officer’s name, but even after researching the internet, don’t know why he had this item, as I couldn’t find anywhere that he served in North Africa... and why the badge only and not the complete helmet!... Other items recovered were his Hitler Youth Compass (which works perfectly), his leather map holder, his parade dagger and other bits. This resin replica has been made using the original badge...it just needs painting and weathering... over to you now! (*) The 19th German Army was based there... it is also my home town..

Unpainted life size resin replica of actual badge

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