West Virginia Narrow Gauge - Mann's Creek Railway

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As a tiny narrow-gauge railroad with a mere 40 miles of track, Mann's Creek gained a considerable reputation in the 1950s for its adherence to steam power. With a connection to the Chesapeake & Ohio's mainline deep in the west Virginia mountains, Mann's Creek operated from 1873 to 1956, and carried large amounts of coal and timber for shipment over the C&O. Today, Mann's Creek appeals to modern enthusiasts for several reasons: it was a narrow gauge line, it hauled both coal and timber in a remote and mountainous region, and its tiny locomotives shared dual-gauge tracks with some of the largest locomotives ever built. Authors Lane and Schnepf spent more than 30 years researching Mann's Creek, coming up with one of the most cogently written and detailed studies ever published on the life, work, and culture of a mountain railroad. Ideal for narrow-gauge modellers, railroad buffs, locomotive fans, and historians alike. Illustrations include more than 300 rare photographs, maps, and detailed drawings of cars and structures.